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From Industrial Design focusing on the user experience in the engineering of products, to the growing importance of Inclusive Design with consideration for the diversity of the population, this hub looks at the important role of design within technology and innovation. There will be a focus on how existing design and technologies can be adapted for the needs of a changing population within Design and Society.

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Introducing C6(n)

In a world with a rapidly growing population, the rate at which buildings are constructed is a major challenge. But what if there were a way for buildings to adapt and change based on the needs and trends of the future? This was one of the key questions on our minds when we developed C6(n) – an innovation achieved by drawing on knowledge from the aeronautical, automotive and marine industries and applied to construction. Innovating horizontally, we have applied leading edge composite materials and rethought traditional approaches to structural engineering to create a kit of parts which can be used either together or independently as re-usable building components.

Supporting an Ageing Population

Solutions are needed to reduce the costs of health and social care for the ageing population. This insight looks at existing, emerging and speculative future interventions that have the potential to help in three key areas: falls, nutrition & hydration and mental health.

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Hear Craig Wilson’s views on Horizontal Innovation

As part of the Horizontal Innovation series, the IET interview Craig Wilson, Managing Director Williams Advanced Engineering. Discussing emerging technologies, the new era of innovation, key focus areas for WAE in the coming years and their experience of technology transfer since launching in 2013, Wilson recognises the importance of horizontal innovation for technology development.

image of the National Transport Design Centre

National Transport Design Centre

The UK has long been associated with iconic designs across all spheres of transport, from The Flying Scotsman to the Pendolino, the Cutty Sark to the Queen Mary 2, the Spitfire to Concorde and the Mini to the Range Rover. Within the field automotive design, Coventry has been a ‘special place’; what Enzo Ferrari once described as ‘The most beautiful car ever made’ , the E-Type Jaguar, was designed and built in Coventry, and many more famous car designs have emerged from this city.



Code of Practice for Connected Systems Integration in Buildings

Learn to integrate multiple systems into building design processes, from data and media requirements through to heating and lighting.

Human Motion Analysis TechBite

Key insights and resources taken from the IET Human Motion Analysis for Healthcare Applications seminar in May 2016, organised by the IET Vision and Imaging Network.

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