IET publishes Guide to Implementing Industrial Robots

IET Standards has released a free Guide to Implementing Industrial Robots – essential reading for everyone involved in, or looking to branch out into, automated manufacturing processes.

Download your free copy of the guide.

The aim of the Guide is to raise awareness of best practice when setting up an automated process, with specific focus on industrial robotics for use in manufacturing and associated industries. 

The Guide sheds light on some of the key issues to consider when evaluating whether or not a business should automate and the processes involved when the decision to automate has been taken.

These include the range of benefits that can result from having an automated manufacturing system; the challenges that an automated system can present in terms of set-up and during operation; how a business might evaluate its need for automation; the costs associated; the potential risks and opportunities; and how to effectively manage a system.

To download the Guide for free, simply login or register on the IET website and complete the form that can be accessed by following this link.