Water Articles

Image of a flood warning sign  

Overwhelming response to Floodscreen

This is a really cool tool that will help you visualise where flooding has occurred in you area – and its FREE. It’s so simple to use that in a matter of minutes you can find out how safe your home is, or the risk associated with that new development!

Image of a caution sign submerged in flood water

Installation of Flood Protection Products

Following some of the heaviest rainfall since records began, the need to protect properties with correctly installed flood protection products has never been more important. An unprotected standard airbrick could allow over 5,000 litres of water per hour to enter a property. It is a common feature of flooding that water will often pour in through an unprotected, low level airbrick, before it even enters the building via a doorway aperture. It is therefore vital that an anti-flood airbrick be correctly installed...

Image of a car submerged in flood water

Lancaster, the night the city flooded into darkness

Dr John Counsell asks “Does resilience to climate change need a local battery to keep the lights on?”



Image of Olympic Park London

Environmental management on the Olympic Park

This was a panel discussion which comprised of ODA stakeholders delivering briefings on the Multi-project assessment case study, the Sustainability research key messages, designing the Olympic Village to upper levels of the Building Code and with a view to transferring Olympic Village to permanent and sustainable housing for London and the challenge of achieving sustainability targets for the Olympic challenge.

Image of Olympic Park London

Utilities for the Olympic Park - world class water management

This panel discussion focused on the ODA’s approach and subsequent delivery of the utility infrastructure.