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Breathe Easy - Engineering Air Quality Solutions Now

The major health challenges of today’s air pollution epidemic, such as lung cancer, obesity, dementia, contribute to an estimated 40,000 deaths at a cost of £20 Billion annually. The IET delivered an event in partnership with ARCC, CIBSE Resilient Cities Group to encourage engineering solutions to tackle air quality.

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IET In The Americas Round-up

IET volunteers, with support from IET staff, are continually working to increase the presence of Local Networks (LNs) in the Americas. Read about what our Local Networks in the Americas have been up to recently.

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MicroCHP and battery storage – a powerful combo?

There’s a company that everyone is talking about in the domestic energy space and it isn’t one of the ‘big 6’. Everyone is talking about Tesla, about their cars and about their home energy storage system. So is it as ground-breaking as we’re led to believe and what does it mean for the Inspirit Charger?

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Community scale thinking

District heating and CHP aren't new ideas, but more schemes are beginning to be commissioned, including the Olympic Park.  Why now?


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Olympic Park - Cutting carbon: district heating and efficient venues

Open panelled discussion offering a briefing of the ODA’s approach to delivering this energy strategy for the Olympic Park, including energy efficient design, the combined cooling heat and power system and renewable energy.