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Built Environment focus for next Breakthrough Cities Workshop 

Low carbon and circular economy innovation for the Built Environment will be the subject of the next Breakthrough Cities Workshop, which takes place at IET London: Savoy Place on 9th March 2018.                                                                                                                                                                                        

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A phase shift to domestic d.c energy in the home

Commercially d.c energy is a reality, but why is this not so in our home environments.


Why MVHR is perfect for energy-efficient new build homes

We all want to ‘breathe easy’, to have good clean air in our homes. Increasing insulation and reduction of drafts contributes stuffy buildings and overheating.

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Touching the voids – not the movie!

What do you understand by void? A law with no effect? A life devoid of meaning? A challenge to social housing companies? What impact does energy have on the creation of voids? A recent report highlights the connection between energy efficiency of housing stock and the income of the social housing sector...


Time to rectify current thinking?

A large proportion of the barriers relating to DC are a legacy of a bygone era. Ever since the “War of the Currents” in the19th century, the use of electricity – as a provider of light, heat and power – has been standardised on alternating current systems.

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Sustainable and Smart Cities Technology @ All-Energy 2016

The IET Built Environment Sector attended All-Energy 2016 for the first time and we presented on one of our key themes for 2016 – ‘Future Power in Buildings’.

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Energy storage

Energy storage has a part to play in redressing the balance between power demand and power supply at a given point in time.  Here are some useful links on recent developments.

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Circular Economy Thinking in Construction Workshop Report

Following the workshop “Circular Economy Thinking in Construction” held on the 12thFebruary, the Green Construction Board have produced a knowledge report of the workshop. Over 90 people attended the event, which featured guest speakers from: the Green Construction Board, Innovate UK, Turntoo, PCSG, BAM Construct UK Ltd, National Federation of Demolition Contractors, Construction Products Association (CPA), SCP and Building Research Establishment.

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New Work Underway to Provide Healthier, Happier Offices: the Whole Life Performance Plus project (WLP+)

We spend 90% of our lives in buildings. Little wonder then, that the types of buildings we occupy and the conditions maintained within them, have a significant impact on our health, well-being and productivity. A new project underway with backing from the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK1 and Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC)2, aims to identify the best indoor conditions for enhancing people productivity and to deliver those indoor conditions at lowest energy consumption.

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Industry leaders explore supply chain opportunities provided by Energiesprong housing refurbishment market

Energiesprong is a revolutionary approach to housing refurbishment with a net-zero energy performance guarantee that makes it both commercially financeable and scalable. Energiesprong transforms homes, both inside and out, providing dwellings that inspire - all within a week to ten days.

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Low Voltage Direct Current

New Code of Practice for Low and Extra Low Voltage Direct Current Power Distribution in Buildings will help designers, installers and operators ensure the safe, effective and competent application of cabling/wiring installations for low voltage direct current power distribution in buildings.


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BFI Fuller Challenge

Each year, The Buckminster Fuller Institute (BFI) invites people from all over the world — including scientists, designers, architects, activists, artists, planners, entrepreneurs, and students — to submit their innovative solutions to humanity’s most pressing problems.

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Energy Efficiency Directive

The expertise of energy efficiency professionals is essential to help draft EU policies in line with market needs. If you want to contribute to the European Commission’s public consultation on the revision of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) you are welcome to do it until 29 January 2016.

GE Digital Energy, Grid IQ Innovation Centre: Generating a Sustainable Future

View the latest Built Environment Sector case study on GE Digital Energy, a division of GE Energy which is part of the global Smart Grid effort to modernise and optimise how the world generates, moves and consumes energy. 


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COP 21 Energy efficiency in buildings at H2020 results pack from EU funded projects

Close-up on a cutting-edge sector on the occasion of COP21 - 4 December 2015.
The design of buildings, the choice of materials and the used construction technologies have a crucial impact on the environment as buildings use 40% of total EU energy consumption and are responsible for 36% of greenhouse gases in Europe.

Front cover of the Built Environment Case Study VAULT Scottish Community Apparatus Data

VAULT Scottish Community Apparatus Data

The lack of real-time information about pipes and cables underground has often led to disruption to the UK’s roads, and its population. While information is available about where this infrastructure is located underground, a delay in receiving this information can lead to further disruption and costs. Noticing a need for real-time availability, a consortium involving the University of Leeds came to create a new way to share and access information.


Aerial view showing a section of the Olympic Stadium. Image: London 2012

Learning Legacy

The IET, in partnership with the ODA, have delivered numerous events concentrating on the theme of Engineering Sustainable Utilities on the Olympic Park. View the presentations to learn more.



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Lighting the Olympic Games

The stakeholders of the ODA delivered a discussion panelled on the Olympics innovative lighting design.

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