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Whilst Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a welcome addition to the digital information available when planning, designing, building, operating and maintaining the built environment, is it fully understood, being widely adopted or suitably protected from cyber-attacks?

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New workshop series to explore fire safety tech solutions

Following on from the Grenfell Tower tragedy and the subsequent recommendations by Dame Judith Hackitt in her 'Building a Safer Future' report earlier this year, the construction industry has started to respond, offering potential solutions to improve fire safety design and regulations.

Two new Construction Summits promise professional development opportunities

The IET’s Built Environment Sector is supporting two upcoming specialist UK construction events taking place on the same day, at the same venue later this month.

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Fast-tracking the digital transformation of the construction industry

The IET’s recent Digitally Built conference provided the perfect opportunity to consider the impact of digitisation within the Built Environment Sector. Whilst concern was expressed about the slow rate of progress secured towards the goal of a wholly digitised supply chain, there were several transformational success stories from construction champions deploying digital tools from robotics and virtual reality to cyber security, blockchain IOT and beyond. Read our review. Watch the presentations on IEt.tv.

Introducing C6(n)

In a world with a rapidly growing population, the rate at which buildings are constructed is a major challenge. But what if there were a way for buildings to adapt and change based on the needs and trends of the future? This was one of the key questions on our minds when we developed C6(n) – an innovation achieved by drawing on knowledge from the aeronautical, automotive and marine industries and applied to construction. Innovating horizontally, we have applied leading edge composite materials and rethought traditional approaches to structural engineering to create a kit of parts which can be used either together or independently as re-usable building components.




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Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management

Reduce risk and radically improve your management of Electrical Safety with this Code of Practice.

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Guide to Electrical Maintenance

Manage your electrical equipment effectively with this guide from the electrical experts at the IET.

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