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Whilst Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a welcome addition to the digital information available when planning, designing, building, operating and maintaining the built environment, is it fully understood, being widely adopted or suitably protected from cyber-attacks?

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Manufacturing the future BIM

Paul Surin, Vice Chairman of BIM4M2 summarises how manufacturers are engaging in the BIM process and how the BIM4M2 group will take a lead role in its future…

Best New or Refurbished Venue

The IET flagship London office continues to be recognised

When WIFI just isn't enough...

Accessibility is indeed a complex process when designing this into buildings… and particularly on retrofit basis.

Two new Construction Summits promise professional development opportunities

The IET’s Built Environment Sector is supporting two upcoming specialist UK construction events taking place on the same day, at the same venue later this month.




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Code of Practice for Electrical Safety Management

Reduce risk and radically improve your management of Electrical Safety with this Code of Practice.

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Guide to Electrical Maintenance

Manage your electrical equipment effectively with this guide from the electrical experts at the IET.

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