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Two new Construction Summits promise professional development opportunities

The IET’s Built Environment Sector is supporting two upcoming specialist UK construction events taking place on the same day, at the same venue later this month.

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Fast-tracking the digital transformation of the construction industry

The IET’s recent Digitally Built conference provided the perfect opportunity to consider the impact of digitisation within the Built Environment Sector. Whilst concern was expressed about the slow rate of progress secured towards the goal of a wholly digitised supply chain, there were several transformational success stories from construction champions deploying digital tools from robotics and virtual reality to cyber security, blockchain IOT and beyond. Read our review. Watch the presentations on IEt.tv.


Introducing C6(n)

In a world with a rapidly growing population, the rate at which buildings are constructed is a major challenge. But what if there were a way for buildings to adapt and change based on the needs and trends of the future? This was one of the key questions on our minds when we developed C6(n) – an innovation achieved by drawing on knowledge from the aeronautical, automotive and marine industries and applied to construction. Innovating horizontally, we have applied leading edge composite materials and rethought traditional approaches to structural engineering to create a kit of parts which can be used either together or independently as re-usable building components.


Brand new £5 million Advanced Engineering & Construction Centre at Bedford College

On 9 February 2017, in Hangar 1 at Cardington Airfield, Bedford College will unveil plans for its new £5 million Advanced Engineering & Construction Centre.


Manufacturing the future BIM

Paul Surin, Vice Chairman of BIM4M2 summarises how manufacturers are engaging in the BIM process and how the BIM4M2 group will take a lead role in its future… 


Savoy Place - It is good

The IET flagship London office continues to be recognised.


When WIFI just isn't enough...

Accessibility is indeed a complex process when designing this into buildings… and particularly on retrofit basis.


Cities turning to tech to tackle tough challenges

Intelligent transport systems! Driverless cars! Mobility as a service! How can these and other such smart city technologies combined with a multi-disciplinary approach meet the needs of people and their communities when taking our cities forward? That was the question posed by the IET’s Swindon local network at a recent event staged in partnership with Constructing Excellence (Swindon and Wiltshire Club).


Findings of the Security and Resilience in the Digital Built Environment Survey

The introduction of building information modelling while presenting opportunities for greater efficiencies in the construction and operation of built assets brings with it particular challenges.


Integrated Threat Management in the Digital Built Environment

What is your reaction to a headline that reads “Hurricane damage poses a major threat to many coastal communities". “Oh dear its hurricane season again” to” those poor people” or “I can’t imagine living under a threat of annual hurricanes” What’s your reaction to the “threat we all face working and living in the digital built environment” – read here to better understand the threat.

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How do you view your new property development?

A leading Architect recently stated that his team are now designing buildings in 3D – the use of CAD, augmented reality and virtual reality.


Why MVHR is perfect for energy-efficient new build homes

We all want to ‘breathe easy’, to have good clean air in our homes. Increasing insulation and reduction of drafts contributes stuffy buildings and overheating.


Smart Cities need smart skills…

The term Smart Cities has become very familiar in recent years, but how often when you use this term do we think about the ‘Smart Skills’ required to operate and maintain these Smart Cities? Smart cities could give Built Environment organisations an even greater opportunity!

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BIM: Embracing innovation in housing

What is the role of BIM in the built environment and sustainable housing? Paul Surin here hopes to kick-start further discussion.

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New Applied Visualisation Community!

The IET are looking to explore the opportunities for Applied Visualisation, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality but bringing together a volunteer led working group that operates across industry sectors. Following on from the success of the ‘Going Beyond Games’ Event at Savoy Place in April, the IET are looking to bring together relevant staff members with members of the pre-existing HVM Catapult Visualisation and VR Forum to begin scoping the opportunities in this area.


UK BIM Alliance - Growing the adoption of BIM

A forthcoming re-brand of the BIM4 Communities is announced. ‘The BIM4 communities are a collaboration of specialist interests groups who will champion BIM in their respective specialist areas.

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Embracing Innovation in Housing

With the long anticipated Government deadline for adopting and compliance with BIM Level 2 on public sector projects here we take a closer look on using BIM and the most innovative technology within the Housing sector.


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RICS BIM Conference 7/3/2016 Realising the benefits of BIM in practice

The day started with a panel “Constructing the digitised world”. Which consided the impact of the digital revolution on the future of the built environment, how the profession is responding, up-skilling the profession, digital construction & the client – what they are asking for an why and impact of digitisation on education & training.

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Social Housing Insights Study Launched!

The National Energy Foundation (NEF) has been commissioned to undertake a meta-analysis of the social housing projects carried out as part of the £8m Building Performance Evaluation (BPE) Programme run from 2010 to 2014 by Innovate UK. There were 28 BPE projects in total which included the participation of a Housing Association as key actor.

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Implementing BIM

This interesting event brought together a ranger of speakers who had very different experiences of implementing BIM. First up was Paul Shillcok @paulshillcock who has a wealth of experience in writing and working on standards. He gave us a gallop through the most relevant standards and how we should be aware of them and how so many so called BIM experts had not read PAS 1192 (I promise that I will read over the forth come holiday).

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Digital Technology Adoption in the Smart Built Environment

Challenges and Opportunities of Data-Driven Systems for Building-, Community- and City-Scale Applications

Data has always played a profound role in the decision-making and engineering management processes within the built environment, whether at building-, community- or city-scale.


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The future of 5G

Dr Payam Barnaghi of the Centre for Communication Systems Research (CCSR) and Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, University of Surrey invited the IET to visit the 5G Innovation Centre. In this case study, the future of 5G; its role in relation to IoT, DAN and smart cities is explored.



The front cover of the Building Information Modelling (BIM): Addressing the cyber security issues

Building Information Modelling (BIM): Addressing the cyber security issues

This Insight looks at the risks inherent in the adoption of BIM, in particular the need to address cyber security.



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Built Environment Thought Leadership Summit

The IET brought together leading experts from across the information and communications sector, and the building services industries, for a thought leadership summit on data in the smart built environment. This review highlights the current thinking, future opportunities, and key priorities in this fast-developing area.



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Building Information Modelling (BIM) overview

BIM is fast becoming an accepted process on many projects.  See webcasts from industry experts on what this means for practitioners.