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We champion the physical environments that people need to work, rest and play - offices, homes, services and open spaces. We focus on opportunities for engineering and technology. Bringing together experts from a range of professional disciplines across industry, academia and government, we deliver programmes of activity, inspired by issues of the day and innovation, from retrofit to new build and beyond.


Time to rectify current thinking?

A large proportion of the barriers relating to DC are a legacy of a bygone era. Ever since the “War of the Currents” in the19th century, the use of electricity – as a provider of light, heat and power – has been standardised on alternating current systems. 

Industry experts flock to inaugural Eco Connect London event

Visitors were treated to two conferences on new build housing and retrofit, an exhibition and a summer party in the evening. An event review by IET Content Producer, Adam Savage.

Key topics

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Building Information Modelling

Whilst Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a welcome addition to the digital information available when planning, designing, building, operating and maintaining the built environment, is it fully understood, being widely adopted or suitably protected from cyber-attacks?

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Future Power

Which technologies will have the greatest impact when it comes to reducing the carbon footprint of buildings? Our ‘future power’ programme will showcase the latest innovations in micro generation, storage and low voltage and direct current networks.

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How can we continue to provide heat and cooling to buildings which have traditionally relied on fossil fuels? Our ‘heat’ programme will explore the opportunities from improving energy efficiency to embracing retrofit and switching to low-carbon energy sources.

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Resilience and sustainability in water availability and quality, natural disasters, and opportunities for integrating water into the built environment will be an area of focus. Technology will be encouraged to better manage this scarce resource.



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