About the sector

Sector vision

Provide a platform to share best practice and innovation for a sustainable future through publicising the products, services and professional networking opportunities to the science, engineering and technology (SET) communities.

Sector mission

The Built Environment Sector aims to become the world leading cross discipline community for professionals working or interested in the built environment industry.

Sector aims

  • to provide one ‘port of call’ for professionals to learn about the Sector and relevant communities, events and content in context
  • to link together the multidisciplinary IET products and services and develop them for the SET communities
  • to collaborate with partner organisations and other institutions to provide a valuable service and generate insightful thought leadership
  • to create and maintain a dialogue with policy framework bodies and establish networking opportunities
  • to work closely with the other IET Sectors to deliver the Institution’s overall long term strategy
  • to create an environment where professionals can collaborate and interact with like-minded peers

We have an interview with Cameron Steel, the previous chairman with his thoughts on the developments in this sector.