Think BIG future health and life sciences series

Bringing together engineers with clinicians, senior/middle managers, healthcare industry professionals, patients, and non-industry stakeholders to promote greater multi-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary engagement.

Think BIG IET Healthcare has been established to promote innovation and creativity amongst future leaders in healthcare, social care and well-being. Its mission statement is:

“Because we believe that technology can drive better health, we exist to harness all sector voices to build a healthier future for all”



Think BIG Future Health & Life Science - photo of roundtable session By bringing together stakeholders from groups including clinicians, patients, technologists and entrepreneurs it ultimately aims to bring about more effective and efficient solutions to the health and care needs of international populations.

Our events will aim to be an international open space forum that supports and energises the movement for healthcare improvement. We hope to leverage the shared concern and passion for improving quality, safety and outcomes of healthcare leaders and practitioners, by linking them with cross-industry experts who share their sentiments and interests.


Forthcoming events

Big Data made Smart in Health and Care

18 October 2018 | Leeds, UK
How can we make sense of data while volume increases exponentially and investment in analytics continues to soar? How can we cultivate a winning strategy - one that maximises the data’s value and makes a real impact on healthcare and costs? Find out more at the next event in the Think BIG series.

Immersive Technologies for Healthcare

19 November 2018 | IET London: Savoy Place
In partnership with Immerse UK, participants and speakers will discuss the challenges and opportunities for stakeholders across academia, the creative industries and clinical practice and share their own knowledge and experiences.

Medical Devices and Data: Future-proofing Health & Care

22 November 2018 | Cambridge, UK
Engage in thought-provoking debate, case studies, keynotes and workshop discussions that will equip you with the right skills and knowledge to understand the current landscape.


Previous events

Didn’t manage to make our previous events? Catch up below

This AI life: ensuring our AI future works for us

3 October 2018 | IET London: Savoy Place

Design & Evidence - Overcoming Challenges of Clinical Validation, Device Design for Data, Accessibility & User Experience

22 March 2018 | IET Glasgow: Teacher Building

Healthcare Commissioning - Bringing Innovation into the NHS

4 July 2018 | Manchester