Using the Virtual Library for research projects

A short presentation to help guide users doing research projects through accessing and using the IET Virtual Library resources.

This presentation takes a user doing a research project through how to access all of the IET Virtual Library resources to help with their work. The main items explored in the presentation are:

  • Two research project examples:  mobile telecommunications and aerospace and radar;
  • About the Virtual Library resources;
  • Advantages to using the Virtual Library;
  • Logging on to the IET website;
  • Searching on Knovel e-books;
  • Searching the Engineering and IT Reference Library;
  • Searching Wiley e-books;
  • Searching EBSCO;
  • Searching Key Note market reports;
  • Using the INSPEC database;
  • The Library document supply service;
  • Using the Library online catalogue to search;
  • Contacting the Library for further help.