British Standards Online

The IET Library subscribes to ten subject based modules of British Standards Online (BSOL) giving access to around 17,000 documents.

Available from within the Knowledge Centre, at Savoy Place



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The ten modules subscribed to are:

GBM 14 Manufacturing Engineering 2118 documents
GBM 17 Electrical Engineering In General 497 documents
GBM 18 Electrical Components 1859 documents
GBM 19 Electrical Accessories, Switchgear & Control gear 1411 documents
GBM 20 Electric Lamps, Power Generation, Distribution & Storage 1584 documents
GBM 23 Telecommunication 3317 documents
GBM 24 Information Technology - Software & Networking 2733 documents
GBM 28 Railway Engineering 879 documents
GBM 50 Building Installations & Finishing 1908 documents
GBM 81 Wiring Regulations Collection 730 documents

Access British Standards online

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