Useful website for your research

How to evaluate research on the Internet, help and advice using the website "The Internet Detective" 

The Internet Detective is an exciting and welcome new site which will help you evaluate the quality and authenticity of research you find on the Internet.

Obviously invaluable for all you students writing your essays and thesis, but it has good tips for anyone who is looking for good research on the Internet and nowadays that's most of us!

With so much out there, it can be baffling to sort through your hits and pick the worthwhile ones; it is also a sad fact that some sites are deliberately set up to deceive, misinform and lead you astray. It's not always obvious which these sites are, as they mimic the genuine sites or it's someone getting on their soap box and "shouting" things which are not technically correct.

The Internet detective is full of tips, hints and training which will enable you to develop the critical thinking required for Internet research. If you are a student, it might be just what is needed to get that good grade in your studies.

It will take about an hour to go through the tutorial and exercises, which incidentally are fun to do, or you can dip in and out and glean the wisdom slowly. Try the exercises again in a few months time (or as soon as you are not relying on your memory!) and you will whiz through them in no time and should get all the answers right!

Here is the URL: http://www.vts.intute.ac.uk/detective/index.html The site is part of a virtual training suite produced by Intute which was launched in July 2006 (previously known as the Resource Discovery Network) to facilitate more effective use of web resources for academics and students. It gets a big tick for reliability, authenticity, usefulness....

Don't forget the IET's Research Service is available to help with research projects.