Renew library books myself

Time to renew your books? Follow the steps below to renew your books.

Users can renew their own library books by logging onto the IET website with their username and password and then going to the online library catalogue

  • On the library online catalogue page, click on "current loans"
  • This will bring up the renew symbol next to each resource you have on loan.
  • Select which books you wish to renew.
  • The new renewal date will appear:
  • Renew library books
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  • If a book has reached its maximum amount of renewals then it will say "Maximum renewals". Users will need to return these books to the Library. If these books are still required and they are not reserved for other users, then you can return the books to the library with a note asking for them to be re-issued to you;
  • If the book status says "Reserved item", then this book has been reserved by another user. Please return the book back to the library as soon as possible;
  • Any queries regarding this service, please contact the library