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This blog has been created by the IET Library and Archives as a means to communicate upcoming news and items of interest. We welcome comments and hope you find the news posts helpful and also enjoy learning about our rich and varied collections.

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In addition to cataloguing our collections and making those descriptions available in our online catalogue, the Archives team make the material accessible via different avenues.

One of these outputs is the IET Archives blog.

Our blog highlights collections that we have used when answering enquiries, assisted researchers, or accessed when working on projects. We also use our blog to highlight new acquisitions to the Archives. We try to include a different angle on the material so that it is not just a formal description of the material but rather a story where the collections are an integral part.

We aim to write a new blog once a fortnight and hope to include guest bloggers and interviews with researchers in the future.

We also have a second blog site covering our World War I material. Here you can find obituaries of our members plus articles relating to the war from within our collections.

Please see the IET Archives World War I blog for more information.


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Our blog highlights new library developments and resources which the library can offer to members. These include new resources, improvements or changes to resources we currently subscribe to, both in electronic and print format; reminders of which resources are available and guidelines and help sheets on how to get the most from these resources.

Library blogs will also show how our research services can help members locate material and mention new donations of books and journals we have received from members.


Please read the IET Library blog for more information.