Archives Portrait Collection

A list of portraits held at the IET Archives of Past Presidents and eminent scientists and engineers.

Subject                                                  Artist

Abel, Frederick A.

Margaret Thomas, 1877

Adorian, Paul

(?) Gibson

Ampère, André-Marie

E. Maxence, 1929

Appleton, Sir Edward


Ashbridge, Noel

Frank O. Salisbury, 1953

Atkinson, Llewelyn B.

George Harcourt, 1927

Austin, Herbert

 (?) Naviasky, 1941



Babbage, Charles

Copy by Mary Remington of original by Samuel Laurence

Bedford, L.H.


Bell, Alexander Graham

W.W. Russell, 1930

Bingham, J.H.

(?) Naviasky

Brett, Jacob

Alice Bolton, 1891

Clifford, Graham D.

A.C. Davidson Houston

Cooke, William F.

Margaret Thomas, 1876

Crompton, Col. R.E.B.

G. Harcourt (x 2)

Davy, Humphry


Duddell, William


Elizabeth II

Dorothy Wilding

Elizabeth II

Trevor Stubley, 1986

Evershed, Sidney

George Harcourt

Faraday, Michael

Don Spence, 1972

Faraday, Michael

Engraving from drawing by George Richmond

Faraday, Michael

George Harcourt, 1926

Faraday, Michael (Photo portrait)


Fawcett, F.T.


Ferranti, Sebastian Ziani di

D. Jagger, 1931

Galilei, Galileo

Copy by William Bradley, c.1885, of Justus Susterman’s 1635 portrait

Garrard, C.C.


George VI

Copy from Francis Hodge, 1938

George, Mary


Gilbert, William


Grey, Robert Kaye

Beatrice Bright

Haslett, Dame Caroline


Heaviside, Oliver

Francis Hodge, 1945

Henley, William T.

Basil Holmes, 1870

Hirst, Lord


Hopkinson, John

R.H. Campbell, 1929

Hutchinson, R.H.


Kelvin, Lord

Copy by George Harcourt of original by Sir H. von Herkomer

Kelvin, Lord

E. Goodwyn Lewis

Kent, Walter George

A. Kempe Tebby after George Harcourt

Lodge, Sir Oliver


Lovelace, Ada Countess of


Marriott, G.A.


Maxwell, James Clerk

R.H. Campbell, 1929

Maudslay, Henry (Aged 56, loaned to JIE 1955 by the Maudslay Society)

Grevedon, 1827

McMichael, H. Leslie


Merz, Charles H.

Arnold Mason, 1944

Miller, W.E.


Moir, Sir Arrol


Nelson, James R.


Nelson of Stafford, Lord

(?) James Groom, 1958

Nuffield, Viscount

(?) Naviasky, 1941

Parsons, Sir Charles

Copy by M. Ayoub of original by W. Orpen

Paterson, Clifford Copland

Francis Hodge, 1947

Puckey, Walter

F. Eastman, 1956

Raby, G.W.


Scaife, J.D.

Dick Field

Sempill, Lord

(?) Naviasky, 1937

Siemens, Charles William

Margaret Thomas, 1876

Smith, Willoughby

H.T.(?) Jannian

Sterling, Sir Louis


Swan, Joseph Wilson

W. Paget, 1929

Thompson, J.L.H. Langham


Thompson, Silvanus P. (?)


Thompson, Silvanus P.

J.W. West

Thomson, Sir John Joseph

Francis Hodge, 1948

Thorneycroft, Tom

F. Eastman, 1954

Volta, Alessandro

G. Palanti, 1928

Walker, Charles Vincent

Margaret Thomas, 1876

Watt, James


Wheatstone, Charles

William Llewellyn, 1928