More Ruby Authors' stories

More Inspec Ruby Authors share their recollections on the occasion of Inspec's 40th anniversary in 2009.

Dr Sverre Aarseth
Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge

You are correct in identifying me as an author in 1969.

Although retired I am working 6 days a week on the same problem I started in 1961 during my graduate studies. This is the celebrated N-body problem, highly appropriate for a Cambridge scientist. As you will know, there has been a revolution in computing and with my collaborators we have the best N-body code in the world. It can be freely downloaded on my website.

You may be interested to hear I retired as a post-doc, never having had a permanent position. As a mountaineer this suits my style.

I have been privileged to have my office at the Institute of Astronomy, founded in 1967 by Fred Hoyle who also was my supervisor.


Dr William Liller, astronomer and nova discoverer

My goodness: a Ruby Author ! Thank you and the powers that be at Inspec ! That's an honour I'll very much cherish.

You asked for other candidates. Well, I checked a recent (February 2009) listing in the AAS. Newsletter and there are well over a hundred astronomers who have been members for more than 53 years. I'd guess that several dozen have been publishing for more than 40 years. (I joined in 1948; my undergraduate thesis was published as a "technical report" the following year.)

I'm concentrating on the Magellanic Clouds now and have bagged two novae in the LMC this year -- so far.