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Colour photograph of the IET Archives Rare Books Library on shelves   Black and white photograph of Dr Elizabeth Laverick c1950 from the WES collection of women engineer photographs NAEST 092/7/4/13  


Welcome to the IET Archives. Here you will find an overview of our varied collections and the services we offer.  


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Part of the Mazda lamps advertising poster depicting the 'Mazda goddess' from the SPT pamphlet collection   Colour portrait of Michael Faraday, copy by John Edwards, RP, of H W Pickersgill portrait. Presented to IEEE by IEE 1984  


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  Black and white photograph of Oliver Heaviside with his family in Devon. Heaviside is standing at the back of the group with a pipe. Image 1/1/196.06   Colour artwork taken from Insittution of Electrical Engineers visit of kindred institutions 25 June 1906 ref IET/ORG/6/1/8  

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Information on the IET and its predecessor institutions, lists of officials and Savoy Place.

Pencil drawing of Sir Francis Ronalds seated at a desk, with bookcase in background. Small dog on chair in foreground. Image 1/1/0404.02   Colour illustration of land suveyors in a horse-drawn carriage from the Methodus Geometrica, 1598, from the S P Thompson Rare Books Library  


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