Previous Kelvin lectures

Initiated in 1908 the Kelvin lecture honours Baron Kelvin of Largs (1824-1907), former President and Honorary Member of the IEE

2017 Professor Eleanor Stride Why haven’t we cured cancer yet? *
2016 Dr Stefan Hell  Optical Microscopy - The Resolution Revolution
2015 Sir Michael Pepper Manipulating Electrons: The Engineering of Physics
2014 Professor Richard Kitney Synthetic Biology – “One of the eight great technologies”
2013 Professor Jim Al-Khalili FRS     Is life quantum mechanical?
2012 Professor Peter Clarke From protons to petabytes - the science & computing challenges at the Large Hadron Collider
2011 Professor Mike Hapgood Space Weather: Nature's Electromagnetic Hazard
2010   Professor Shuji Nakamura Lighting up the future - the way ahead for solid-state lighting
2009 Professor Sir John Pendry Creating the Invisibility Cloak: New Horizons in Electromagnetism
2008 Robert Lainé From Satellites to Space Tourism Project
2007 Simon Singh Risk, Chance, Probability and Gambling
2006 Professor Sir Michael Atiyah The Soliton: Wave or Particle?
2005 David Livermore Engineering the Dis out of Disability: IT the Universal Enabler
2004 Professor Sir Richard Friend Plastic Electronics - the Future is Soft, Wet and Active
2003 Professor Sir Brian Follett Unravelling Life's Daily Clock: A Celebration of how Molecular Biology Links to animal behaviour
2002 Professor Annraoi de Paor The Mysteries of the Earth’s Magnetic Field and Sunspots
2001 Professor Sir Chris Llewellyn-Smith The Large Hadron Collider Project
2000 Professor Haroon Ahmed One Electron = One ‘Bit’ Electronics with Single Electrons


1999   Professor M S Longair       The Origins of our Universe
1998 Professor Sir Harry Kroto C60 Buckminsterfullerene: Not Just a Pretty Molecule
1997 Dr M P Kennedy Chaos and its Applications
1996 Dr P Cattermole Venus: A new View Through Radar Eyes
1995 Professor M W J Ferguson The Elephant's Trunk and the Tattooed Lady: Engineering Problems and Opportunities in Biology
1994 Professor C E Gough High Temperature Superconductors
1993 Professor A Heuberger Realisation of Complex Systems in Silicon
1992 Professor P Rolfe Sensors and Systems that Mimic Nature
1991 Professor P C W Davies The Search for Gravitational Waves
1990 Dr J W Orton Engineering Semiconductors
1989 Professor J C Dainty Imaging by Interferometry in Optical Astronomy
1988 Dr D C Robinson Thermo-Nuclear Fusion
1987 Professor D H Perkins Neutrinos
1986 Professor I Aleksander Information Technology
1985 Professor D M MacKay The Engineering of the Human Brain
1984 Professor D Jerome Organic Superconductivity
1983 Professor D H Martin The Submillimetre-wave Universe
1982 Professor O S Heavens The "Simple" Surface
1981 Professor Sir George Porter   Kelvin and the Energy Problems
1980 Professor E C Zeeman Catastrophes and Bifurcations
1979 Dr J M Burch Inteferometry without Mirrors
1978 Dr A Bueche Electrical Technology and Polymer Science
1977 R S Pease The Physical Basis for Control Thermonuclear Fuison
1976 Professor A Hewish FRS The Pulsar Dynamo
1975 Sir Charles Oatley The Scanning Electron Microscope and other Electron Probe Instruments
1974 Professor S K Runcorn FRS Kelvin’s Legacy to Geophysics
1973 Professor Sir Nevill Mott FRS Conduction in Amorphous Materials – Theory and Applications
1972 Professor F C Frank OBE DPhil FRS Crystals
1971 Professor N Kurti MA DPhil FInstP FRS  From Microkelvin to Megakelvin Temperatures
1970 Professor F Hoyle FRS Quasers and Radiogalaxies
1969 Professor R V Jones CB CBE FRS The Pursuit of Measurement
1968 Dr B J Mason FRS Recent Developments in Meteorology and the World Weather Watch
1967 Professor F P Bowden Recent Studies in Surface Physics
1966 Sir Harrie Masseg Scientific Research in Space
1965 Professor O R Frisch CBE DSc FRS Fundamental Particals
1964 Professor A B Pippard Superconducting Magnets
1963 J B Adams CMG MA FRS High Energy Particle Acceleration for Nuclear Physics Research
1962 Professor B Bleaney FRS Microspectroscopy
1961 Professor R F Woolmer FFA RCS, VRD Medical Electronics
1960 Professor C F Powell MA PhD ScD FRS Cosmic Radiation
1959 Sir David Brunt ScD FRS The Geophysical Year 1957-58
1958 Dr H W Melville FRS High Polymers
1957 Dr G B B M Sutherland ScD FRS Infra-Red Radiation
1956 Professor A C B Lovell OBE FRS Radio Astronomy
1955 Dr W Shochley BSc Transistor Physics
1954 J A Ratcliffe OBE MA FRS The Physics of the Ionosphere
1953 Professor P L Deo CBE MA FRS The Dilemma of Lord Kelvin
1952 Sir Charles Goodeve OBE DSc FRS Iron Atoms in the Service of the Electrical Engineer
1951 Sir John D Cockcroft CBE MA MSTech PhD FRS Modern Conceptions of the Ultimate Structure of Matter
1950 Professor E K Rideal MBE MA DSc FRS Phase-Boundary Potentials and their Significance in Chemistry
1949 Professor N F Mott MA FRS Semi-Conductors and Rectifiers
1948 Dr B H C Matthews CBE MA FRS The Nervous System as an Electrical Instrument
1947 Professor L B Loeb BSc PhD Electrical Discharge though Gasses
1946 Professor M L Oliphant FRS Nuclear Physics and the Future
1945 Sir Edward V Appleton KCB MA DSc LLD FRS The Scientific Principles of Radiolocation
1944 Professor E C Stonor ScD FRS Magnetism in Theory and Practice
1943 Professor D R Hartree MA PhD FRS Mechanical Integration in the Solution of Electrical Problems
1942 Dr O E Buckley The Future of Transoceanic Telegraphy
1941 Dr S Chapman FRS Electrical Works by Helios or the Sun and Ionosphere
1940 Dr C G Darwin MC Thermodynamics and the Coldest Temperatures
1939 Professor P M S Blackett MS FRS Cosmic Rays
1938 Professor Max Born MA The Statistical Laws of Nature
1937 Professor J Chadwick FRS The Elementary Particles of Matter
1936 J D Cockcroft BA MScTech The Transmutation of Matter by High Energy Particles and Radiations
1935 Sir William H Bragg OM KBE MA DSc FRS The Molecular Structure of Dielectrics
1934 Professor J C MacLennan DSc LLD FRS Electrical Phenomena at Extremely Low Temperatures
1933 Sir Frank E Smith The Travel of Wireless Waves
1932 Dr W E Sumpner The Work of Oliver Heaviside
1931 Professor W L Bragg The Architecture of the Solid State
1930 R H Fowler FRS Some Recent Advances in the Electron Theory of Metals
1929 Dr G C Simpsons CB FRS Lightning
1928 Sir Oliver Lodge FRS The Revolution in Physics
1927 Professor E W Marchant DSc High-Frequency Currents
1926 Sir J J Thomson OM MA FRS The Mechanics of the Electric Field
1925 Professor J H Jeans FRS Electrical Forces and Quanta
1924 G Semenza Kelvin and the Economics of the Generation and Distribution of Electrical Energy
1923 Dr J A Fleming FRS Problems in Telephony Solved and Unsolved
1922 Sir Ernest Rutherford Electricity and Matter
1921 Sir William H Bragg Electrons
1920 Dr C V Drysdale Modern Marine Problems in War and Peace
1919 Ll B Atkinson The Dynamical Theory of Electric Engines
1918 Professor M Maclean Lord Kelvin as Teacher
1916 Dr A Russell (IEE Vice-President)  Some aspects of Lord Kelvin’s Life and Work
1915 Professor Andrew Gray Lord Kelvin’s Work on Gyrostations
1914 Sir Oliver Lodge The Electrification of the Atmosphere: Natural and Artificial
1913 Dr R T Glazebrook The Ohm, Ampere and the Volt: a Memory of 50 Years
1912 Professor H du Bois The Work of Lord Kelvin in Electricity and Magnetism
1910 Professor J A Ewing The Work of Lord Kelvin in Telegraphy and Navigation
1908 Silvanus P Thompson The Life and Work of Lord Kelvin

* also known as 'IET EngTalks: Future Science'