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The Archives holds information on many subjects relating to the history and development of science, engineering and technology. The articles highlight some of these subjects from the collections. 

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This video footage shows an early motion-picture device known as a mutoscope that was manufactured by an English company called Kinora Ltd from about 1895 to 1914.

The gentleman seen here is Sir William Crookes (1832-1919), a chemist and physicist who invented the Crookes tube, an early form of the cathode ray tube. This item is held in the IET Archives alongside collections relating to Sir William Crookes.

Please see the biography for Sir William Crookes for more information.

Manchester Histories Festival

As part of the 2012 Manchester Histories Festival the IET Archives helped to sponsor a conference looking at the archaeological impact of communications technology from early canals to today's digital revolution. We are now happy to provide a link to the conference where you can watch videos of each paper presented. Many thanks to the University of Salford for providing this link: 

Archaeology of Communications conference 2012


Featured articles  

Detail of Gilbert's Terrella or Little Earth

Detail of an illustration on how to draw in perspective from the Methodus Geometrica 1598  

Capricorn constellation from Poeticon Astronomicon  

Detail from Avicenna's Canon of Medicine 1486  

General histories

Detail from Crompton's own road engine Blue Bell

Darjeeling Hydro Power System
Paris Electrical Exhibition 1881
Great Exhibition 1851

Electronics Innovations Timeline poster

The IET Archives has been involved with creating a fun timeline poster that illustrates the key achievements in electronics innovations. It features original images from the IET Archives' collections and information on important dates. You can order a free poster or download it via the link below:

Archives exhibition brochures

If you would like to receive a free copy of one of the IET's Archive brochures that accompanied our past exhibitions held at Savoy Place, please contact us and we shall post them out to you. Topics covered are: "Sailing Ship to Satellite - the Transatlantic Connection"; "The BBC at Savoy Place 1923-1932"; "Secret Machines- British Code-Breaking during World War II" and "A new kind of vision- the discovery of X-rays".