UK Electrical Engineers Records 1871-1930

Electrical Engineers Records 1871-1930

For those wishing to extend their family history research or just browse a list of the IET's esteemed members it is now possible to do so online. Fully searchable scans have been created from the originals held at the IET Archives. Researchers can now view the full records and download the images.                                                                                                                          Photograph of workers and engineers erecting St Helen's Tramway 1899

The early membership forms cover the period 1871-1901 and document essential details such as employment history, education, qualifications and supporters of the application. From 1901 the lists provide information on class membership, address and date of application.  

Among the thousands of names listed in the collection, many esteemed engineers appear, including those behind inventions ranging from light bulbs to tide predictor devices and even a rather ominously named ‘death beam’. 

Records also include the IEE World War I Roll of Honour. Biographical sketches including family details, education and work history as well as a detailed history of service during the war is now fully searchable. Some members have a photograph in uniform with their service hsitory.

The IET boasts some of the world’s most famous electrical engineers, responsible for the creation of the telegraph, telephone and the revolution of the distribution of electrical power.

Working in partnership

Since 2013 the IET Archives has been working with Ancestry.co.uk to digitise over 170,000 electrical engineer records. Ancestry.co.uk is part of the world's largest online family history resource. Records were selected and scanned on site at Savoy Place, London, using the most current scanning technology to produce high quality images. These are now fully searchable by name, date of birth, location and date of application. This is a great example on how modern technology can be used to make history accessible to a wider audience. 

Accessing the records

From the IET                                                                                                                                                  Photograph of an engineer at work with his apparatus ref NAEST 211

All visitors to the IET Archives, IET Library and Michael Faraday House, Stevenage, can access the Electrical Engineers Records from selected computer terminals. In addition it is also possible to gain free access to the full Ancestry.com site with over 14 billion records worldwide. 

From within the IET access the UK Electrical Engineers Records 1871-1930

From outside the IET

IET Members are also able to access the Electrical Engineers Records from anywhere in the world. To do so simply contact us with your membership number and we can provide details on how to log in.