STC Ltd - further resources

STC related archive collections which are available to view by appointment at the IET Archives, and published works which are available to loan from the IET Knowledge Centre. 

Archive collections:

Standard Telephones and Cables Limited papers - NAEST 211

A collection of papers spanning the history of the company and including early Western Electric material and Western Electric/STC legal and financial papers, in house journals, staff newsletters, some technical documents, a large photographic collection and a small amount of film.

STC Telephone Technical Society (later The Technical Society) papers (1974-1994) - NAEST 227

Papers of the STC Telephone Technical Society, a technical society for employees. Includes general information about the organisation of the society, member lists, committee and AGM minutes, programmes and events and accounts.

Papers of Mr J Konarek employee at Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd (1924-1967) - NAEST 187

Mr Konarek was initially employed at STC in North Woolwich designing and testing equipment. He transferred to work on networks and filters and in 1965 moved to STC Basildon where he was promoted to Section Head. These papers include course notes and handouts covering network theory, image parameter filters, equalizers, coil information, crystal filters and various loose manuscript notes and typescript reports.

Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd/British Telecom material (1970-1990) - NAEST 209

These papers were created and collected by Mr Peter Aknai, a scientist who worked for STC Ltd. The papers comprise technical reports on the Moorgate Tandem Experiment, the world's 'first fully digital computer-controlled telephone exchange', and project papers on fibre optic transmission.

Digital Electronic Telegraph Message Switching Systems (1956-2004) - NAEST 176/4

Research dossier on the development of the digital switching systems STRAD and ADX by STC between 1956 and 1979, compiled by H McGregor Ross.

Ernest E Oakley STC papers (1958-1980) - SC MSS 272

Mr Oakley spent his working life at STC from 1938-1980. These papers mainly comprise STC publications primarily from the 1950s, photographs of UK control rooms, and some biographical material.

Charles William Earp STC papers (1963-1977) - SC MSS 284

Mr Earp spent his professional life within ITT, joining STC in 1927. He transferred for four years to ITT's Paris laboratories before returning to England to spend two years at STC's Footscray location as Chief of Advanced Development of broadcast receivers. In 1935, he transferred to STC's Radio Division at New Southgate, where in 1946 he became Chief of Advanced Development. In 1967 he transferred to Standard Telecommunication Laboratories at Harlow as Senior Principal Research Engineer, and remained there until his retirement in 1970. He continued to undertake consultancy work for ITT after his retirement. These papers comprise STC and STL reports and memoranda; Earp’s published reports and articles; a list of Mr Earp’s inventions with related patents and biographical information.

Published works held in the IET library:

  • 'Firm friends: telling it like it was: the life and times of STC at New Southgate' by S Springate (1996)
  • 'One hundred years of STC' by L Sibley (1983)
  • 'Power of speech: a history of Standard Telephones and Cables, 1883-1983' by Peter Young (1983)
  • Advanced communication systems by B J Halliwell (1974)
  • 'These and other things were done: the war story of Standard Telephones and Cables Limited' by D Reefie (1973)
  • 'The story of STC 1883-1958' by Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd (1973)
  • 'COMPAC - the Commonwealth Pacific Repeatered Submarine Cable Telephone System' by Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd (1964)

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Image: STC New Southgate Comptroller’s party, c1930s (NAEST 211/02/36/02)

Black and white group portrait at the STC New Southgate Comptroller’s party, c1930s