Archives online exhibitions

Online exhibitions from material held in the Archives. Subjects include Arc Lamps, Domestic Lighting, Michael Faraday, Medical Electricity, Science of Sound, British Radar in World War II, Women in engineering and a joint exhibition on engineers during World War I. 

Detail from the Ward Lamp advert for low tension Arc Lamps 1891 SPT pamphlet 14/37

Arc lamps

An online exhibition looking at the history, development and the engineers involved in the creation and manufacture of arc lamps. Find out how an arc lamp works and how electric lighting became a practical reality.

Detail of a radar transmitter

British Radar in World War Two

Radar (Radio Detection and Ranging) was first developed in Britain in the 1930s. This online exhibition looks at the scientists and engineers behind the development of radar during World War Two.

Detail from an Osram advertisement used to highlight their strength by withstanding the weight of an elephant

Domestic lighting exhibition

This online exhibition explores electric lighting within the home. It briefly describes life before electricity, early developments in lighting and how the benefits of electricity were promoted.

Detail from a portrait of Michael Faraday

Michael Faraday online exhibition

An online exhibition looking at the life and work of Michael Faraday with particular emphasis on his work as a lecturer, his travels in Europe, his correspondence with artists and his interest in photography.

Engraving of a hand paralysis diagram from Duchenne de Boulogne 1867

Medical electricity

Online exhibition looking at how electricity in a medical capacity has developed from the Antiquities through to the early twentieth century. Quack treatments are examined alongside studies of anatomy and x-rays.

Photograph of a Midgley loudspeaker

The Science of Sound exhibition

An exhibition looking at one of the five senses, hearing and how this is of interest to scientists and engineers.

EAW Diploma badge

Women in engineering exhibition

An online exhibition looking at the struggle women encountered to gain acceptance as engineers and the work of the Women's Engineering Society and the Electrical Association for Women to educate and assist them.

Portrait of E W Wilson from the IEE Roll of Honour

Engineers at War: from Home Front to Battle Front

The IET Archives has worked on a collaborative project with the archives of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE)  to produce a joint online exhibition to tell the stories of engineers and engineering innovations in the First World War. 

Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd advert image

Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd - an exhibition

This online exhibition explores the history of Standard Telephones and Cables Ltd from 1883 to 1991.


Other resources of interest: 

Electronics Innovations timeline poster

The IET Archives has been involved with creating a fun timeline poster that illustrates the key achievements in electronics innovations. It features original images from the IET Archives' collections and information on important dates. You can order a free poster or download it via the link below:

Archives Exhibition brochures

If you would like to receive a free copy of one of the IET's Archive brochures that accompanied our past exhibitions held at Savoy Place please contact us and we shall post them out to you. Topics covered are: "Sailing Ship to Satellite- the Transatlantic Connection"; "The BBC at Savoy Place 1923-1932"; "Secret Machines- British Code-Breaking during World War II" and "A new kind of vision- the discovery of X-rays".