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Black and white photograph of Tongland Substation from a collection of transmissioon lines album ref. SC MSS 091.



Research guides

These guides have been created to give you an overview of our popular subjects and highlight the collections we have to start your research in these topics.



Coloured drawings of gas lamp fittings from S P Thompson Rare Book 'Accum Practical Treatise on gas lights'

Online exhibitions

These online exhibitions tell a more in-depth story using material from within the collections.

Colour photograph of Arthur C Clarke taken at his home in Sri Lanka  

Biographies of prominent engineers 

By no means a complete list, these biographies cover the work of scientists, engineers and pioneers in these fields.

Colour illustration from the 1511 edition of Vitruvius's On Architecture showing seige equipment in the shape of a tortoise.


Some of the highlights from our collections with images and even a film showing Sir William Crookes on a Kinora viewing machine.

Black and white photograph of Sir William Preece with F Jaynes, J Fletcher Moulton, Col. Clowry, G Forbes, Maj. A H Bagnold, Capt A J Saltren Willett and Maj H C L Holden discussing the Niagara Falls Power Scheme Image 1/1/383.04

IET Archives blog

News and stories using collections that have recently been deposited with us or have been used in enquiries and research.

Image of computers from a 1976 INSPEC leaflet  

INSPEC history

A detailed guide on the history of INSPEC originating as Science Abstracts in 1898.


Colour photograph of the Duracell bunny soft toy used in the 100 objects display to represent cell batteries  


100 engineering ideas

Engineers have radically changed lives for the better over the years, solving problems, improving safety and contributing to the quality of life. IET London: Savoy Place has installed a display about the 100 ideas that changed the world.