The Journal of Engineering

Launched in April 2013, The Journal of Engineering is the IET’s first free to view, online-only, gold open access megajournal. Publishing articles covering a broad spectrum of engineering subjects, including interdisciplinary areas, JoE provides authors a home for scientifically sound research.

JoE’s Scope

• Biomedical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Computing & Software
• Electrical and Electronic Engineering
• Energy Engineering
• Materials Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Micro & Nanotechnology

JoE covers eight initial topics, however we fully expect to adapt and expand the scope of the journal to reflect the needs of the engineering community.

Visit the online journal at www.thejournalofengineering.org, or sign up now for more information.


Contactless payment cards: research highlights security concerns

31 October 2013

Press Release