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Inspec research solutions

All subscriptions to Inspec include access to the Inspec research database and our new research intelligence tool, Inspec Analytics. The Inspec Archive, which includes abstracts from 1898 – 1968, can also be purchased separately.

Inspec content features

We select content from the world’s leading science and engineering publications to ensure your researchers have access to the most comprehensive view of current global research. With article-level expert indexing, researchers can pinpoint key literature quickly to save valuable time and avoid irrelevant results.

  • Over 20 million indexed records since 1969
  • Choose to include an additional 870,000 records from 1868 – 1968 with the Inspec Archive
  • Article-level indexing with up to five levels of subject classification
  • 890,000 records added each year
  • 4,300 journals from global science and engineering journals and 3,000 other publications from over 700 publishers
  • arXiv pre-prints now indexed
  • Over 12% Open Access content

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Inspec research database

Containing over 20 million records of scientific research literature, with Inspec your researchers can:

  • Pinpoint relevant literature easily with precise, subject-specific indexing.
  • Discover the latest research from global publications selected for quality and relevance.
  • Save time with DOI links to full-text articles – over 12% open access content.

Inspec Analytics

Included with the Inspec abstracting and indexing database, Inspec Analytics is a powerful research intelligence tool. Researchers, librarians and management teams can use Inspec Analytics to monitor trends and patterns across a wide range of physics and engineering disciplines at both local and global levels to identify hot topics, find interdisciplinary collaborators and benchmark your organisation against competitors. With these insights, your teams can set the direction for your research outputs and monitor their impact.

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Inspec add-ons

Inspec Analytics Plus

Uncover deeper insights into the impact of global research with an enhanced Inspec Analytics experience. Additional features in Inspec Analytics Plus allow you to explore valuable elements of the research landscape.

  • Deepen your understanding of global scientific trends
  • Define the scope of your research project to maximise your impact
  • Focus your efforts to accelerate your funding search
  • Assess your organisation’s impact
  • Evaluate the success of collaborative partnerships and Knowledge Transfer initiatives

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Inspec Archive

From wireless power transfer to energy harvesting and fuel cells, the Science Abstracts series recorded the work of innovators of the past who laid the early groundwork for many of the hot topics in science and technology being developed today.

Help your research teams prepare innovative research based on solid foundations with access to these hidden gems.

The entire Science Abstracts collection (from 1898 to 1968) is available in digital format through the Inspec Archive. Complete with original and updated Inspec indexing, it is even easier to locate references to this historic research and the engineering breakthroughs of scientists and engineers including Albert Einstein, Guglielmo Marconi, Max Planck, Ernest Rutherford and Marie Curie.

The Inspec Archive is available via a number of platforms and in a flexible range of pricing options including perpetual access through a one-off purchase.

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