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Inspec treatment codes


Treatment codes are especially useful where a search has produced a large number of documents on the required subject. Treatment codes offer a means of selecting those records which are most relevant. A document may have more than one treatment code.

Treatment codes used

A Applications assigned when a document describes the actual technique, computer program or physical effect where some specific application is described or envisaged.
B Bibliography or literature survey indicates documents containing a bibliography or significant number of references.
E Economic aspects or market survey applied where the document deals with some economic or commercial aspects, eg cost, pricing, market forecast, etc.
G General or review article this code distinguishes documents which give an overall view of a subject. It includes general approaches, overviews, state-of-the-art reviews and introductory articles.
N New developments used where a claim of novelty, in the patent sense, might be made.
P Practical indicates that the document is meant to be of different practical use and so is likely to be of use to engineering and design staff.
R Product review (1985 onwards) applied to product comparisons, tables and buyers' guides. Treatment code P is also assigned to all documents where R is applied.
T Theoretical/mathematical assigned when the treatment and/or subject matter is generally theoretical or mathematical.
Experimental used for documents describing an experimental method, observation or result. Includes apparatus for use in experimental work and calculations on experimental results.

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