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S997 - National Grid System Operability Framework (SOF)


National Grid System Operability Framework (SOF) - IET evidence to National Grid


The IET is fully supportive of National Grid’s work to develop and publish the SOF, and to engage in consultation on its content.  Of the impacts listed, almost half have the potential for immediate system consequences, and probably two-thirds are entirely new to the GB system.  This represents a highly significant engineering challenge.

The SOF is essentially a transmission system operability framework and it would be helpful if this clarification could be incorporated in the title (e.g. TSOF).  Whilst the initial scope of the SOF is comprehensive from a transmission system perspective, the eventual aim for the electricity industry must be for the (T)SOF to evolve to become, or be part of, a whole system operability framework that encompasses distribution networks, smart communities and active customers.

The case being developed by the IET’s Power Network Joint Vision expert group (PNJV) for a System Architect role to be created in order to ensure technical integration for the entire future electricity system will hopefully result in development that will be supportive in resolving many of the issues identified in the SOF.

Submission Details Submitted on 11 November 2014 to National Grid

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