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S996 - Future Use of 700MHz Band


Future Use of 700MHz Band: IET comments to Ofcom (Office of Communications Regulation)

Abstract Praise was given for Ofcom’s thorough consideration of the subject and the implications for stakeholders.  Attention was drawn to the IET’s ‘Demand Attentive Networks (DAN)’ initiative and its potential to facilitate achieving the desired data capacity from re-assigning use of the 700MHz band to mobile telecommunication applications.  It was suggested that Wi-Fi type applications should be considered as part of the over-all fibre-wireless connected future.  It was proposed that the UK process should be benchmarked against European re-allocation of the band.

Submission Details Submitted on 28 August 2014 to Ofcom (Office of Communications Regulation)

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Keywords and Search Terms DAN; mobile services; spectrum, white-space; Wi-Fi