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S995 - Review of the legislative and regulatory framework for testing driverless cars


The IET has responded to an enquiry from the Department for Transport on testing driverless cars. In the Autumn Statement 2013, the Government announced its plan to review the legislative framework for developing and testing driverless cars in the UK, reporting by the end of 2014.

Abstract Through evidence gathered from members via policy keys and discussions at the Transport Policy Panel, the IET submitted evidence on issues that may need to be addressed in considering the testing of cars with advanced autonomous safety systems on public roads, and the areas where new regulation may be necessary in order to maintain road safety and provide the appropriate safeguards in the introduction of this novel technology.

Submission Details Submitted on 19 September 2014 to Department for Transport

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Keywords and Search Terms Transport, DfT, autonomous, legislation, driverless, regulation, policy, infrastructure, innovation