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S992 - Digital Communications Infrastructure Strategy


Digital communications strategy. IET comments to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport


The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) recently launched a consultation published jointly with Infrastructure UK seeking evidence to inform a new Digital Communications Infrastructure Strategy.

The DCMS ‘Connectivity, Content and Consumers’ report identified a need to develop a longer term strategy to build on the UK’s strong digital foundations.  The strategy will consider the measures needed, from Government and others, to ensure that the UK has the infrastructure in place to meet user demand and to continue to benefit from world-class communications networks as technology and the digital economy develop further over the next ten to fifteen years.

DCMS and Infrastructure UK are not consulting on a draft strategy or on specific policy proposals.  The consultation instead poses a set of intentionally broad questions to draw out evidence on the expected demands of business and consumers on technology and infrastructure.  It also asks for views on the challenges likely to be faced in providing the infrastructure to meet those demands.  The questions are grouped according to the following themes:

  • the role of Government;
  • scenarios of possible user demand and technological developments set against a backdrop of a range of influencing factors;
  • how the regulatory framework could to change to maintain competition and to facilitate provision of infrastructure to meet demand; and
  • the scale of private investment required, and by when and by whom.

The consultation proposed that Government, industry, the regulator and users will need to share responsibility for meeting these challenges.  The consultation also asked what action may be needed from each to provide digital communications infrastructure fit for a leading digital economy.

The IET response addresses a subset of questions

Submission Details Submitted on 29 September 2014 to Department for Culture, Media and Sport

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