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S988 - Careers guidance for young people - follow up


Careers guidance follow up consultation: Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) comments to the House of Commons Education Select Committee.

Abstract The IET agrees that Careers Guidance in the UK is failing young people as well as employers. Careers guidance must be readily available, fair and unbiased. Careers guidance can also help to make students aware of their talents and motivations as many are deterred from a career in engineering without understanding the potential benefits. Employers and the education system need to collaborate to a greater extent so that employers are realistic about what the curriculum can offer and can help bridge the gap from school to employment via training, mentoring, work experience for students and placement opportunities for teachers.

Submission Details Submitted on 01 September 2014 to House of Commons Education Select Committee

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Keywords and Search Terms Careers guidance, Engineering careers, Department for Education, Schools, teachers, Curriculum, Employers, 2014 IET Skills survey, Vocational education, Industry, Work experience, Placement opportunities