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S987 - Electricity Demand Side Measures


Permanent Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR) and Demand Side Response (DSR) both have significant roles to play in the management of the electricity system but their role in the UK capacity market remains to be tested.


While EDR is an incentive to reward energy efficiency by industrial and commercial users, DSR is a reward for the time shifting of demand to alleviate periods of stress on the system.  Much more learning from experience in both policy and technical terms is required as we make the revolutionary changes needed to make optimum use of variable output renewable and local generation, while also meeting large new demands such as electric vehicle charging and electric heat pumps, and enabling demand response to play its role in optimising total energy end-use.

Submission Details Submitted on 09 July 2014 to House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee

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Keywords and Search Terms Energy efficiency, Demand side response, Electricity system balancing, Aggregators, Short, Term Operating Reserve (STOR), Smart metering, Electricity tariffs, Intermittent generation, Smart appliances, Electricity grid, Electricity network, Energy Market Reform, Capacity Mechanism