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S984 - Digital Skills Taskforce’s call for evidence


Digital Skills Taskforce’s call for evidence: IET comments to the Digital Skills Taskforce.


The Institution of Engineering and Technology advises that in relation to the new computing curriculum it is crucial that teachers have the relevant skills and qualifications to teach the new content and are supported in terms of their continued professional development and industry experience. To address perceptions of digital skills, there should be increased employer engagement with the education system as a whole. 

The IET advises that there should be a cross-curriculum approach to ensuring that computing, maths and science are embedded in the curriculum. This would help to develop a systems thinking approach to identify the link between designing a product and building it. 

Finally, the relevance of digital skills to modern business and society should be widely understood, including but not limited to: the use of data, cyber and information security.

Submission Details Submitted on 08 April 2014 to Digital Skills Taskforce

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