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S976 - Electricity Capacity Assessment 2014: Consultation on Methodology


Electricity Capacity Assessment 2014: Consultation on Methodology: IET comments to Ofgem.

Abstract The general methodology appears fit for purpose for the short term but will become less valid with the increase in intermittent generation as well as the expected growth in demand side initiatives.  Therefore the IET recommends that attention needs to be given to the development of a fully chronological model as well as the construction of good quality data sets.  We suggest that parallel running of both models would then be helpful to support a decision to move from the time collapsed model to the fully chronological model.  In previous consultations the IET has raised concerns regarding the Reference Case assumptions and Winter Peak Availability data and we do so again in this response.  We also believe it would be helpful if Ofgem incorporated observations of the forward market and corresponding supplier activity to help validate its assessment.

Submission Details Submitted on 09 January 2014 to Ofgem

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Keywords and Search Terms Electricity Capacity, Generation, Intermittent generation, Demand side, Winter Peak Availability, Loss of Load Expectation (LOLE), System Owner, Interconnector