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S975 - Call for evidence on government measures to support uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles from 2015-2020


Call for evidence on Government measures to support uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles from 2015-2020: IET comments to the Office for Low Emission Vehicles.


The Government has announced that it will provide £500 million to support the uptake of ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) between 2015 and 2020. This call for evidence will inform the development of this package of support. The development of this response was led by The Institution of Engineering and Technology with the assistance and endorsement of the following organisations: Energy Institute, Institution of Chemical Engineers and Society of Environmental Engineers and ITS UK - under the banner of Engineering the Future.

The response highlights the importance of looking at the lifetime CO2 emissions per km of the ULEVs when considering grants and encourages a government procurement cost-benefit analysis be developed when looking at ULEVs for fleets. Both static and dynamic inductive charging may have a future role in charging. High current inductive charging is an emerging technology with the greatest promise; however, it is important at this stage of research to keep a technology neutral stance rather than anticipating certain technology “winners”. The second hand market for ULEVs also needs consideration, especially the key issue of battery condition.

Submission Details Submitted on 10 January 2014 to Office for Low Emission Vehicles

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Keywords and Search Terms Ultra-low emission, vehicles, transport, infrastructure, policy, Department for Transport, CO2, procurement, high current, inductive charging, emerging technology, R&D, battery, ULEVs