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S972 - Low Carbon Innovation


Low Carbon Innovation: EtF submission to the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee


The UK’s targets for reducing CO2 emissions are very challenging and are unlikely to be met without a major and sustained increase in research and development resources particularly for the demonstration of new technologies at scale.  There is no substantial commercial driver for private sector investment in low-carbon technologies at present energy prices without the reassurance of long-term subsidy and little incentive for innovation that would lead to significant cost-reduction in such technologies.  To be effective in reducing CO2 emissions, low carbon technologies have to be integrated into a UK energy system that includes energy storage and the necessary control systems (e.g. a smart grid) to use them efficiently.  A societal change in attitude towards improving energy efficiency is needed in order to help make low carbon technologies affordable in the long term.

Development of this joint evidence on behalf of Engineering the Future was led by the IMechE with significant input from the IET.

Submission Details Submitted on 09 December 2013 to House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee

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Keywords and Search Terms Research, Development, Demonstration, Low carbon innovation, Generation, Renewable energy, Nuclear, Energy efficiency, Electricity storage, Smart grid, Low Carbon Innovation Co-ordination Group, LCICG, Energy prices