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S968 - Smart Meter System and Equipment Testing


“Smart Metering System and Equipment Testing” IET submission to the Department of Energy and Climate Change


This submission focuses on the integrity and security of testing. The IET reiterates the principle that a testing process cannot assure system security, because testing can only ever show that something works under the test conditions, whereas integrity of the smart metering solution requires that the whole system works under all conditions.

The IET recommends that it would be impractical to require that the system integrity is fully proven by analysis, but recommends that as a minimum; a rigorous hazard analysis should be carried out and published for review; the integrity and security requirements should be expressed rigorously; and the system security architecture should be rigorously shown to meet these requirements.  CESG and CPNI should be asked to review the integrity and security requirements and the proposed assurance processes and should publicly confirm in their expert opinion they will be sufficient to protect the security and integrity of the smart metering solution.

Submission Details Submitted on 23 September 2013 to Department of Energy and Climate Change

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Keywords and Search Terms Security, Equipment testing, Equipment certification, Smart meter, Communications hub, System integrity, Hazard analysis, system security architecture, CESP, CPNI