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S965 - Call for evidence on Heat


“Heat” Engineering the Future evidence to the Energy and Environment Select Committee, supported by the IET


Reducing emissions from the heat sector through renewable technologies and demand reduction is vital for the UK’s long-term energy strategy. There have been significant changes in government mechanisms in this sector that have led to confusion with industry, financers and consumers. In particular, the Green Deal shows worrying low levels of take-up. This is a major concern given the scale of the challenge in the heat sector.  The evidence considers the role of biomass, heat pumps, district heating, cooling and engineering skills for installers of renewable heat technologies.

This evidence was submitted on behalf of Engineering the Future.  Its development was led by The Royal Academy of Engineering and it is supported by the IET together with CIWEM, EI, EC, IChemE, IMechE and IStructE.

Submission Details Submitted on 06 September 2013 to Energy and Environment Select Committee

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Keywords and Search Terms Heat, Decarbonisation, Demand reduction, Energy efficiency, Green Deal, Biomass, Sustainable, Air pollution, Heat pumps, District Heating, Combined heat and power (CHP), Thermal storage, Skills training, Boiler efficiency, Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)