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S962 - Call for Evidence on Community Energy


“Community Energy” IET submission to the Department of Energy and Climate Change.


The IET endorses the definition of “Community Energy” used in the consultation, namely: community projects or initiatives focused on reducing, managing, generating or purchasing energy.  Community Energy is an under-utilised tool in the challenge to meet energy efficiency targets. The definition should include geographically dispersed communities.

It is important to embrace a whole systems approach in order to achieve efficient delivery of 2020 and 2050 carbon reduction targets. The point at which heat, light and transport all come together is at the community and individual level and the ability of a community to manage its energy in a more holistic manner is a largely untapped resource.

It is imperative that policy, legislation, regulation and the free market are aligned to produce consistent market signals so that the various components of community energy are able to deliver within a consistent framework.

Submission Details Submitted on 01 August 2013 to Department of Energy and Climate Change

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Keywords and Search Terms Community energy, Local energy, Energy efficiency, Generation, Energy management, Transport, Heat, Whole system approach, Distributed energy, Transmission losses, Low Carbon Network Fund (LCNF), Smart grid