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S959 - Creating the right environment for Demand Side Response


Creating the right environment for Demand Side Response. IET submission to Ofgem


Efficient energy use, and particularly the ability to flex the time at which some electrical energy is consumed, will play a very important part in the transition to a low carbon economy.  Achieving this without impacting on industrial competitiveness or consumer comfort requires appropriate market design as well as upgraded technical infrastructure.  The IET welcomes the attention being paid by Ofgem, DNOs and other bodies to this subject and emphasises the importance of revealing the full (whole system) value of demand side response (DSR) as one of the key challenges.

While this consultation approaches the subject from a market design perspective, there are also significant engineering aspects which the IET believes should be taken into account at an early stage in policy development.  We have tried to draw these out in our answers.  If these are successfully addressed, the costs of providing secure low carbon electricity supplies will be more manageable and will present a lower risk to Britain’s economic recovery.

Submission Details Submitted on 28 June 2013 to Ofgem

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