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S958 - Mobile connectivity in England


The IET has responded to the Department of Culture Media & Sport consultation regarding amendments to the current planning and development rights that are applied in respect of planning applications by mobile operators for the erection of communications equipment infrastructure.


In general the IET is supportive of the proposals set out in the consultation document such that planning delays in the roll out of new mobile communications infrastructure can be avoided due to ambiguity in antenna definition and design.

The prime focus of the IET response was around the specification of micro-cell antenna dimensions within a Permitted Development.  The proposed parameters for specifying the physical dimensions of antenna was specified as an area, a unit of measurement not appropriate for non-dish type antenna constructions. Recommendations were also made to remove potential ambiguity around MiMo type arrays such that they could be considered as single antenna system  in cases were multiple elements in close proximity are required.

Submission Details Submitted on 13 June 2013 to Department of Culture, Media and Sport

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Keywords and Search Terms MiMo MIMO, Planning development, Back-haul back-haul, Dish, 4G, Permitted Rights permitted rights, micro-cell, antenna, Mobile mobile, communications