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S957 - Local energy


Local Energy: IET evidence to the Energy and Environment Select Committee


Strategy for medium-sized local energy projects needs to be considered in the context of the UK’s whole energy system.  A whole energy system perspective includes generation of electricity, use of heat, small scale energy storage, local renewables, smart networks, energy efficiency, use of energy for transportation and integration with the built environment.   

The IET recognises the potential of new technologies at medium scale to open up new opportunities for community groups, co-operatives, local authorities and commercial organisations.  This may also be helpful in widening the public understanding of energy.

The evidence discusses the contribution of medium-sized energy projects (5-50MW) to the UK’s climate change, energy security and energy affordability objectives; the differences between local energy in the UK and Germany and Denmark; and some pointers towards policy.

Submission Details Submitted on 23 April 2013 to Energy and Environment Select Committee

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Keywords and Search Terms CHP, Wind power, solar photovoltaic (PV), biomass, heat, grid balancing services, Short Term Strategic Reserve (STOR), energy storage, supply security, smart grid, distributed generation, embedded generation, community