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S951 - Smart Meter Roll-out


“Smart Meter Roll-out” IET submission to the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee

Abstract When the IET addresses smart metering issues we call on the joint expertise of three IET Policy Panels on Energy, IT and Communications. The IET’s evidence explains the underlying issues including: the relationship between smart meters and smart grid and time shifting of demand; security; interoperability; cost and value for money; possible bio-effects and timescale.  The IET strongly recommends that both the start and end date of mass roll-out of smart meters in the UK be deferred to allow adequate time for late changes in system architecture to be worked through in terms of standards and demonstration of end to end security.  The IET believes that the benefits of smart meters for the fuel poor and vulnerable groups have been overstated and that these groups would gain more from a good level of home insulation.  To commence mass roll-out in 2014 to meet political deadlines would risk the success of the entire programme.

Submission Details Submitted on 07 February 2013 to Energy and Climate Change Select Committee

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Keywords and Search Terms Smart meters, Smart Grid, Demand management, SMETS 2, ZigBee, Data and Communications Company (DCC), Design authority, installer