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S945 - Smart Metering Specification second version (SMETS 2)


“2nd version of the Smart Metering Equipment Technical Specification (SMETS2)” IET evidence to Department of Energy and Climate Change


For the Home Area Network the IET believes that priority has to be given to the development of 868MHz in order to achieve an optimal roll out to the greatest number of homes.  The wired HAN trial needs to be completed and shown to be successful, and included as part of an integrated solution before decisions are taken regarding the installation requirements & process.

Government is proposing that the ZigBee SEP / DLMS applications layer standard is mandated for GB smart metering.  Further clarity is needed to define these protocols explicitly for the GB market to ensure interoperability.  The companion specifications for both protocols need to form part of the International standards, and be maintained as such.

Regarding security, the IET has repeatedly stressed that secure operation of individual components of the smart metering system cannot guarantee system security.  A new design element, the Consumer Access Device (CAD) has recently been added to the draft SMETS 2 HAN system and the repercussions of this have not yet been fully worked through.  The fact that a significant change to system architecture has been proposed at this late stage cannot fail to ring alarm bells.  The tight time constraints should not be allowed to compromise the fullest end to end stress test and security analysis of the resulting system. 

Technical interoperability is central to the delivery of the business case for smart metering and must be assured. The IET therefore agrees that communications hubs are procured and owned by the Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to the Data and Communications Company (DCC).

Recruiting and training sufficient installers with the required technical and customer education skills is a significant challenge.  There is concern that programme delays will compress the roll-out period which would stress an already challenging timetable by requiring an even greater number of installers over a shorter period.

The submission contains responses to the majority of the fifty questions on which DECC consulted.

Submission Details Submitted on 08 October 2012 to Department of Energy and Climate Change

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Keywords and Search Terms Smart Metering, Security, Communications, ZigBee, Home Area Networks (HAN), Data and Communications Company (DCC)