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S939 - Inquiry on low carbon vehicles


“Inquiry on low carbon vehicles”: IET comments to the House of Commons Transport Select Committee.


Plug-in vehicles can make potentially a significant contribution to the decarbonising of transport if the fundamental issues of cost can be overcome, alongside the ‘greening’ of electricity generation in the UK. It is pointless to deploy Plug-In vehicles if the new demand created has to be sourced from carbon intensive sources. Public fleet procurement can play a crucial role in helping to increase the take up of plug-in vehicles. The key challenge is changing public perception around electric vehicles and having publicly visible fleets, either directly through the Government Car Service or stipulated as part of tender requirements, can play a part in achieving this. There is a particular air quality benefit to be gained from the use of EVs in urban areas. As a result increased incentives to assist adoption in cities could be one way to ensure the vehicles are being adopted for the right applications in the right areas.

Submission Details Submitted on 20 April 2012 to House of Commons Transport Select Committee

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Keywords and Search Terms Low carbon vehicles, plug-in vehicles, electric vehicles, decarbonising transport, road users, public procurement