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S938 - Proposal to remove the programme of study for ICT from the National Curriculum


Proposal to remove the programme of study for ICT from the National Curriculum: IET comments to the Department for Education.


The IET has welcomed the Education Secretary’s recent announcement that Computer Science is a rigorous subject discipline that can and should be taught at school and that sufficiently rigorous and academic Computer Science GCSEs can be considered for inclusion in the English Baccalaureate. In order to ensure schools respond to the disapplication of programmes of study in the way in which it is intended, Government must ensure that there are incentives for schools who apply the more challenging aspects of computer science in their curricula, such as making Computer Science and addition to the E-Bacc, and disincentives for schools which look to deliver only basic provision.  We recommend that Government should work with the engineering and computing communities to develop attainment targets that are more relevant for the new computing curricula and to also develop suitable statutory assessment arrangements.

Submission Details Submitted on 11 April 2012 to Department for Education

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