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S937 - Draft Energy Bill – Pre Legislative Scrutiny


 “Draft Energy Bill – Pre-legislative Scrutiny” IET-led submission by Engineering the Future to the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee.


The IET led this joint response to a call for evidence on Pre-Legislative Scrutiny of the Energy Bill.  The evidence flagged up areas of concern including the need to treat the energy system as a whole including heat, transport and demand reduction; the need to recognise that generation has different value to the system at different times; the need to enable demand management solutions to play in the market alongside generation; the trade-offs between market mechanisms and the resulting complexity; the incentives required to provide the necessary flexible backup capacity; the need to guard against major and sudden changes in strategy.   

Submission Details Submitted on 07 June 2012 to House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee

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Keywords and Search Terms Energy Bill, Energy Demand Management, Capacity Mechanism, Emission Performance Standard, Carbon Floor Price, Contracts for Difference, Generation, Electricity Market Reform, Renewable Energy, Gas fired generation, Energy Storage, Nuclear Power