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S936 - Offshore Transmission - potential measures to support efficient network coordination


“Offshore Transmission - potential measures to support efficient network coordination”: IET comments to Ofgem.

Abstract The IET proposes that there should be a presumption that interconnected networks yield long-term benefit by creating new possibilities for network usage and by making best use of scarce resources.  The regime should therefore actively support coordination wherever a cost benefit case can be made.  Given the many factors that naturally inhibit coordination this means the regime should err on the side of encouragement for coordination rather than remain “neutral”.  The IET also makes recommendations on planning for route corridors especially landfalls and pinchpoints; offshore wind project life; HVDC technology and standardisation; multi-terminal HVDC technology; and anticipatory investment.

Submission Details Submitted on 26 April 2012 to Ofgem

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Keywords and Search Terms Offshore Transmission Grid, Network planning, Renewable Energy Infrastructure, Offshore Wind, Interconnection, HVDC technology