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S931 - Electricity distribution price control review – RIIO-ED1


Way forward for the next electricity distribution price control review – RIIO-ED1: IET comments to Ofgem


The IET welcomed the changes to network regulation implied by RIIO and that in order to support a low carbon energy system, companies will have to combine ever-improving operational efficiency with a strong culture of engineering innovation.  RIIO-ED1 provides an opportunity to implement a systems approach to ensure that each of the elements that contribute end-to-end functionality is correctly prioritised and integrated so that the full potential benefits for consumers will be realised from network investments.  Regulatory barriers to innovation need to be identified and removed.  Regulation needs to be able to change and adapt over time as needs and technologies evolve. This implies a need for relatively frequent but light-touch review of allowed expenditures and priorities, within the helpful context of the longer term planning enabled by RIIO.

Submission Details Submitted on 02 April 2012 to Ofgem

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Keywords and Search Terms Electricity Distribution Networks, Low carbon, Innovation, Regulation, Connection of Renewable Energy, Distributed generation